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KYS ® yachting are specialists in marine electrical and electronics work, on sailing and motor boats.
How We Work ;
We speak very well German -English ,which helps a lot to give a service of your wishes .
We sit down with you and discuss your plans for the boat, what it is going to be used for, who is going to use it, do you want to rely on shorepower, can the engine alternator provide enough power without running the engine for long periods of time and other issues which are important in determining what needs to be done.
The electronics and instruments also require careful planning. Do you want to integrate everything together, radar and plotter for example, or do you want to use separate components talking to each other over a network to provide more redundancy avoiding “single point of failure” issues.
This stage of the planning of the installation is the most important. There is no such thing as a one size fits all solution in determining an electrical and electronics fitout. Even if you decide that you might like an additional piece of equipment, but the budget won’t stretch to it this year, provision can be made for installing it at a later date. This reduces the cost when it comes to fitting it next year, it avoids duplication of work.
We then draw up a needs list and a wants list. What is most important, what is least important. This will be used to put together some estimates for the work. Estimates, fully itemised, can be provided for different scenarios, allowing you to chose what is right for you. Nobody likes surprises at the end of an installation.
Timetables are then agreed to fit in with the usage of the boat and its location.
Electric Installation is then carried out to Marine electric and electronic standards. All cabling and Equipment supplied is from the leading marine equipment manufacturers, Victron Energy, Mastervolt ,BEP Marine, Adverc etc.
On completion of the installation, the owner and crew are instructed in the use of the systems. If substantial changes have been made to the wiring of the boat, a revised wiring diagram is provided to be included in the boats manual. The complete installation is covered by our two year parts and labour warranty, double the industry standard.
Above all, we want you to be completely satisfied with your experience of working with KYS Marine Electrics & Electronics Kusadasi Turkey . Our reputation is what gets us business!