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“Nautica Superyacht Refit Center’ s mission is to move its name to the top of the boat refit and repair list by combining our team’s professional maritime understanding and experience with high institutional service standards.

Nautica specializes in the refit and repair of all types of boats and Superyachts.  Careful planning, a highly skilled and experienced staff, common sense, effective time management, and the use of the best materials available combine to provide consistently high quality results.  Trained in all aspects of yacht repair and service, our staff of qualified factory-trained employees are true career professionals.

All boats, no matter how big or small, need regular year-round maintenance.  Leaving a boat unattended for extended periods of time can cause harsh and expensive damage to any boat’s interior and/or exterior surfaces and onboard systems.  Regular preventative maintenance will ensure that the value of your investment remains intact and also make your boat more enjoyable to use.

Our yacht management and boat maintenance programs allow you, the boat owner, to maximize your time afloat.  Let us take care of the routine maintenance, cleaning, and even preparation for the day’s outing.  Your valuable free time should be spent enjoying your investment in your boat, not working on it.

We continuously strive to provide premium services at competitive rates, with a goal of  establishing lasting relationships with our customers.  We have the experience and resources to find solutions to fit your budget and meet your needs.  Our company will ensure your boat is well cared for and maintained in the best possible condition to enhance both your enjoyment and your boat’s resale value.

Nautica Superyacht Refit Center, is not only looking to gain new customers, but also looking to gain new friends.  We welcome all contacts, including those looking for suggestions from our experienced team.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you need answers to any of your boating questions.”